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Stop dealing with the stress of leaving your home with your entire family, dealing with road traffic, all to find yourself waiting in a lobby for just moments of time with your doctor. Dr. Robin will bring everything professionally necessary to your home, conduct regular checkups on your family, giving you more time to do the important things.


With her extensive sports background, Dr. Robin knows how to evaluate you to find out how physical stress is affecting your recovery from athletic activity. Is there something you could be doing to feel better more often? Get the fast results you want with a house call visit.


Explore options to reduce the physical stress associated with work and home life, discover the benefits of removing harmful toxins from your home and diet, and empower your family with nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

What People Are Saying

Mayra Elias-Keys

One adjustment it’s all it took. All I can say is WOW ! The relief I felt literally brought tears to my eyes ! Would recommend Dr. Pace hands down!

Stephanie Buche

Dr. Robin Pace was fantastic at the Celebration Marathon Expo! She adjusted my neck and taped it up to relieve some serious pain. I Would not have made it through the day without her.

Cathy Brown

Wish there where 10 STARS!!! Dr Robin is caring and compassionate! If you are an athlete looking for the BEST, she’s the one!! Dr Robin is the only Chiropractic Dr I have EVER fully trusted! Thank You Dr Robin for always taking great care of me and JB ❤️

“House calls allow for more time with my patients, which is my favorite part!”

Dr. Robin Pace

Active Care Plan

These are *generally 4 adjustment sessions. I come to your location once per week for a total of 5 house calls, including the initial appointment/examination visit. On the last visit of an active care plan there is a re-examination and any ongoing recommendations are given based on desired results.

Pro Active Plan

After an active care plan is complete, patients can elect to continue with wellness-minded visits. These are monthly visits that get scheduled 6 months to 1 year in advance. These appointments focus less on chiropractic services and much more on movement or nutrition coaching and long-term strategies for living a healthier life.



The initial visit will last approximately one hour and the cost is $150.00. I will take a detailed health history, we fill out my paperwork and we will sign consent and healthcare privacy (HIPAA) forms. After we make a game plan together based on agreed-upon goals, we will start a chiropractic examination. This could include blood pressure readings, orthopedic examinations, as well as various neurological exams. This is done at your home or office.

*For office calls, I do require employer confirmation that this will be okay.

Follow up sessions are $90.00 for 30 minute visit with the doctor. Adjusting “style” or technique will vary for each person at each session, but is always the most appropriately gentle care. I also do advanced soft tissue and joint manipulation for those who are experiencing neck or back pain.

I accept checks, exact cash amounts, and credit/debit cards as well. I am out of network with all insurance carriers, but I can provide a receipt with the information necessary for self-submission upon request*

Any receipts for insurance self-submittal will be produced after the 1st visit, and again at the end of the active care plan.


New Patient

$ 150
  • This type of appointment includes a home or office visit, healthy history, examination, and initial recommendations.

Follow Up

$ 90
  • This type of appointment lasts approximately 30 minutes and involves chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue therapy, and rehabilitation.

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